Why Does My Garage Door Keep Opening After Closing?

Why Does My Garage Door Keep Opening After Closing?

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One of the most common service calls received by the professionals at Garage Door Specialists, Inc. is from property owners whose doors keep opening after closing. In some cases, the door opens as a safety feature because there is something in the way — but what can you do if there is no object in the way causing the door to close and then open?

A garage door that closes then opens is a serious concern. It can take up time as you try to solve the problem and it can be inconvenient as well as a security concern.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Keeps Opening After Closing

If your garage door keeps going back up after you’ve closed it, the most common reason is because:

  • The safety sensors are blocked. There are safety sensors at the bottom of your garage door. This infrared sensor passes a beam horizontally across the opening. If anything enters the beam, even briefly, the door opens again. If pets or objects are in the way of the door, they will be safe. Clean the lens of the sensor and remove any obstructions that may trip the safety sensor.
  • The limit switch is not set correctly. The limit switch determines where your garage door halts when it is opened or closed. If your switch is set to keep going but the door reaches the bottom, it will appear as if there is something in the way and the safety mechanism will kick in and open the door. Adjusting your limit switch with a flathead screwdriver can help if this is the case.
  • The travel down settings need to be adjusted. The travel down setting works similarly to the limit switch. It determines where the garage door closes. When the weather makes parts of the garage door expand or move, you may need to adjust the travel down settings to prevent the door from activating the safety open feature.
  • The logic board needs to be replaced. The logic board is like the operating system of your garage in that it determines how the garage door opens and closes. Like any computer system, it can slow down with age. When it does, it becomes a security risk because it can cause your garage to open and close unpredictably.

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What to Do If Your Garage Doors Keep Opening and Closing

If your garage door opens and closes, you may not know how to diagnose the problem and you may not want to put in the time to fix the problem. If you have an issue with your garage door, contact Garage Door Specialists, Inc. for professional advice, troubleshooting, garage door repairs and replacements.

Garage Door Specialists, Inc. has decades of experience. Even if you think you know what’s wrong with your garage door and believe you can repair it yourself, contact us. If it’s a simple job you can complete yourself, we’ll offer advice over the phone at no charge. If the repair job could be dangerous for you, our professional repair services can help you get things fixed quickly.

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