Noisy Garage Door Sounds That Signal Immediate Repair

Does your garage door make noise every time you open or close it? While a loud garage door can wake up people sleeping in your home or irritate your neighbors, in some cases it can even create a safety hazard — and you’ll want to get it repaired. 

Here are a few examples of noisy garage door sounds that signal immediate repair.

Garage Door Noises: When a Loud Garage Door Signals the Need for Repair 

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If you have started to notice unnatural sounds coming from your garage door, ensure you are taking the necessary precautions before attempting to resolve the issue on your own. Never perform tasks that would put you at risk of an injury, and be sure to disconnect the garage door opener so you can troubleshoot safely. For dangerous repair tasks, always call a professional. 

Whether your garage door is popping, squeaking, grinding or making other strange noises, follow our guide to troubleshooting garage door noises below: 

  • Rattling: Your overhead door comprises dozens of screws, nuts and bolts, and the door’s vibrations can cause them to become loose over time. Loose parts may cause the entire door to start rattling. While you can easily tighten this hardware with a socket set and wrench, you should never adjust parts connected to your garage’s spring system. If mishandled, these springs can cause serious injury, so always call a professional garage door technician.
  • Squeaking: If you hear high-pitched squeaks coming from your overhead door, chances are you can remedy the issue with some lubricant. Apply a lubricant that’s silicone-based to the weather stripping placed around the garage door base, around the frame and in between the panels.
  • Grinding: Worn-out or poorly lubricated rollers will sometimes produce a grinding noise. Try lubricating your garage door to quiet things down. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to enlist a professional’s help as the rollers are likely worn. 
  • Banging: When you hear your garage door making a banging noise, it usually means the doors are unbalanced. 
  • Popping: Loud noises that sound like popping could be coming from a locked torsion spring. Applying a lubricant may resolve the issue if the torsion spring is still in good condition. However, working with torsion springs is very dangerous, so it’s always advised to call a professional and never try to handle the springs by yourself. Popping sounds may also indicate the door needs to be placed back on its track, or you need to replace your overhead door panels altogether. 
  • Vibrating: If you hear a vibrating sound, try lubricating the rollers or tightening the loose bolts or nuts around the track. Garage door rollers should be lubricated at least twice a year.

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