What to Do If Your Garage Door Opens and Closes by Itself

What to Do If Your Garage Door Opens and Closes by Itself

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Your garage doors opening and closing by themselves isn’t just a minor annoyance. It can also be a security concern. When a garage door opens on its own or closes by itself, or continues to open after closing, intruders and pests can enter your garage freely. It may also be harder to control energy costs if your garage door is opening and closing randomly. If you have this problem, your garage door may even open and close while you’re away from home, leaving your property vulnerable.

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What Can Cause Your Garage Door to Open and Close by Itself?

If you’re wondering why your garage door is opening by itself, some of the most common reasons include:

  • A short in the circuit board. The garage door circuit board, or logic board, helps operate the entire garage door. Circuits in the board can get damaged over time, causing the door to open and close on its own.
  • Radio interference. A radio station in your neighborhood, a local radio tower, a neighbor with the same garage door frequency or code, a CB radio or even a police radio can all interfere with the signal and cause the door to open and close unexpectedly. You can try changing the frequency or code of your garage door opener to see if that helps.
  • Beam misalignment. Many doors have a photoelectric safety system. If the two sensors become misaligned, this causes the sensor beam to get cut off and can cause the door to reopen after being closed. This tends to affect garage doors made before 1993. If you can realign the beams and confirm the wall panel has stopped blinking, this may indicate the problem has been solved.
  • Bad weather. The natural elements can wreak havoc on garage door systems. Heavy rains and thunderstorms can cause electrical problems with many systems in your home, including the garage door opener. In addition, heavy snow or ice can pile up against the door and trigger the safety mechanisms, causing the door to reverse on its own.
  • Stuck buttons. The buttons on your wall panel or remote can get stuck, especially with repeated use or exposure to the elements. Look at the opener unit. If the “Learn” button is flashing, this could indicate that a button is stuck. You can address this by taking out the batteries from your remotes. If this fixes the problem, you may need a new remote.

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A garage door that opens by itself is always a cause for concern. If you encounter this problem, contact Garage Door Specialists, Inc. for professional advice, garage door repairs and replacements. We have been helping home and business owners for decades and we have the expertise to help you, too.