Most Common Garage Door Problems

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If you’re a homeowner, your door can experience issues anytime. Age, lack of maintenance and harsh weather conditions are a few factors contributing to garage door malfunctions.

Garage door issues can occur in various ways. Some are minor, while others may require extensive repairs. Knowing what to look for can help you call a professional sooner. 

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What Are the 6 Most Common Garage Door Problems?

Learn why your garage won’t open or close with the following garage door issues.

1. Opener Doesn’t Work

Have you ever flipped the opener switch, and the door doesn’t move? Common reasons include an unplugged motor, an activated lock switch, a malfunctioning circuit breaker or a dirty or damaged photo-eye sensor.

2. Loud Noises

Like most mechanical objects, a garage will make some noise during operation. However, if you hear unusual sounds like grinding, popping, squeaking or rattling, it indicates an underlying issue requiring attention.

3. Uneven Movement

A garage door should not hesitate or move in spurts during opening and closing. If you’re experiencing this issue, there could be a spring problem or an object blocking the tracks. 

4. Door Opens Partially, Then Closes Immediately

A door may raise a few feet and lower to the ground upon opening. This situation usually calls for a complete spring system replacement. 

5. Door Opens Too Slowly

Does it take a while for your garage door to open? Dirt and debris accumulating on the tracks can hinder the door’s movement. A quick cleaning can rectify the issue, and lubricating the rollers may also speed up the process.

6. Door Closes Too Quickly

A garage door may slam shut when you hit the remote control switch, which usually indicates an issue with the springs or supporting cables. 

When It’s Time to Call a Professional

In some cases, a homeowner can correct a minor garage door issue. Plugging the cord to a motor or removing dirt from tracks are safe, simple do-it-yourself processes. 

More extensive repairs, like replacing broken springs or cables, can be dangerous and require specialized skills and knowledge. Unless you’re sure about what you’re doing, it’s better to call a professional garage door technician. 

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