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Interactive Design Tools & Videos

Garage Door Specialists, Inc. and Clopay® offer several online interactive tools that are designed to ease the process of choosing a new garage door. By comparing doors side-by-side or looking at different style doors on your own home, our goal is to help you make an informed decision. We are sure that we can help you choose a door that complements your personal style while keeping within your budget. Take a moment to utilize these tools and call us at 847-537-6662 or contact us with questions.

VISUALIZER TOOL - This tool allows you to upload an image of your home and try out a variety of Clopay doors.

DESIGN SHOWCASE - View a variety of homes from the Clopay Gallery. Choose one with a similar style to your own home and see how it looks with Clopay's recommended doors.

QUIZ - Our garage door quiz asks a series of questions that will help you choose a door designed to fit your specific needs.

COMPARE DOORS - Compare available Clopay doors side-by-side and see which one has exactly what you're looking for.


Videos from Rob Greenberg, President of Garage Door Specialists