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Garage Doors for Chicago's Northwest Suburbs

Garage Doors for Chicago's Northwest Suburbs

Your garage door is a valuable asset to your home. Many homeowners use their garage doors more than they use their entry doors. Garage doors are convenient for those rainy days when it would be a pain to bring the groceries in from the driveway or those cold mornings as you get ready to leave for work and can't imagine going outside. Get a beautiful and high-quality new garage door that gives you convenient access to your home while making it look stunning.

You want a residential garage door that makes your home look great — one that enhances your curb appeal and complements your existing architecture. You also want a garage door that offers quality construction, useful features and a durability that will keep it working dependably year after year.

Garage Doors for Homeowners in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs

At Garage Door Specialists, we serve homeowners with residential garage doors and garage door products throughout Chicago's Northwest suburbs. We want to provide the best for the suburban communities of Chicago, and we do that with our high-quality garage doors.

We are the premier source of new garage doors throughout North and Northwest Chicago. We're proud to serve Northbrook, Illinois, as well as surrounding communities like Buffalo GroveGlenviewHighland Park and other areas. When you're interested in finding the best options for residential garage doors in these communities, trust the team at Garage Door Specialists.

You can also visit our showroom location to pick a new garage door in person. Seeing our products up close will give you an idea of how one will look on your garage. You'll love the wide range of new garage doors we offer, and you'll enjoy getting a feel for them in person.

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Types of Garage Doors We Offer

Types of Garage Doors

No matter what style of home you have, you'll find a new garage door that's a perfect fit. We offer premium garage doors with plenty of designs and materials to make the right match with your home and increase your curb appeal. Take a look at our options when you want to replace your garage door.

Our garage door collection offers a range of door styles — including customizable and semi-customizable options — to fit the garage of your Northwest Chicago suburban home. Some of the options you'll find when you shop for a new garage door with us are:

  1. Paneled doors: These are your classic garage doors. There's a good reason why it seems most of your neighbors have paneled doors — they're timeless and stylish. We carry garage doors with various panel designs. Choose two-, four-, six- or eight-panel, depending on what suits your style. We also offer recessed, flush and raised panels that add visual interest to your door.
  2. Carriage house doors: If you like rustic or farmhouse styles, carriage house doors are perfect for you. Some varieties come with doors that swing out for a touch of rustic charm. If you like the look but want the ease of a modern door, we offer overhead-opening doors in carriage house designs.
  3. Sleek and smooth doors: Choose this style for contemporary or mid-century modern homes. Sleek and horizontal lines give your garage door a fresh look that's sure to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Windowed doors: Let some light in with window panels. We offer window varieties in the different styles above to help you brighten up your garage. Whether you want an upper panel of small windows or long panes down either side, we have the style for you.

You'll find the garage door you're searching for at Garage Door Specialists. If you can't find what you're looking for, we'd be happy to help create a custom design for you. We want you to love how your garage door looks, so we also offer doors in a variety of materials.

Steel Garage Doors

Our steel garage doors fit right in with many different styles. They resist rot, insects and other damage for a durable finish. We carry numerous door designs that are perfect for the following kinds of homes.

  1. Modern: Choose from the Modern Steel™ Collection if you have a contemporary, mid-century modern or similar style home. The sleek lines and optional windows make this door an excellent choice for a modern home.
  2. Rustic: Rustic styles are a perfect match with Coachman Collection carriage house doors. These steel garage doors offer the look of swing-out doors with the convenience of an overhead design. For other charming options, check out the Gallery® Collection or the Grand Harbor® Collection. These options also offer the classic carriage house style.
  3. Classic: For a classic exterior, consider the Classic™ Collection or Steel Collection by Clopay®. Available in smooth and paneled varieties, these steel garage doors fit any style home and provide the benefits of durable doors with the look of traditional wood garage doors.

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Wood Garage Doors

If you want a classic look with equally classic material, replace your garage door with a wooden model. Our selection of traditional wood garage doors includes:

  1. Classic™ Wood Collection: In this classic wood garage door design, you'll find raised, recessed and flush panel options as well as hemlock, cedar and redwood.
  2. Reserve® Wood Collection Semi-Custom Series: Choose this series for a customizable carriage door construction. Find the perfect hardware and decorative panels for your wood garage door.
  3. Reserve® Wood Collection Custom Series: The options are limitless with these custom garage doors, so these handcrafted doors are perfect for those who know exactly what they want. Choose whatever design you desire with any range of finishes and stains.
  4. Reserve® Wood Collection Limited Edition Series: Get the convenience of overhead operation with the charm of carriage door design. The various hardware, upper panel and finish styles available in this series enable you to find the perfect design to suit your home.
  5. Reserve® Wood Collection Modern Series: Wood garage doors aren't just for traditional homes. Contemporary houses look great with this variety of garage door. Clean lines, mixed materials and pops of color make this modern series an eye-catching addition to your stylish home.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

If you want the look of wood with durable, low-maintenance materials, go faux. The Canyon Ridge® Collection features a variety of faux wood garage doors in options like:

  1. Limited Edition Series: The modern strength of steel combines with the classic look of wood carriage house doors in this series.
  2. Ultra-Grain® Series: A natural-looking woodgrain finish completes faux wood garage doors in this series.
  3. Modern Series: Clean lines and optional windows make this faux wood garage door perfect for contemporary homes.

Glass Garage Doors

For the ultimate sleek and modern option, choose glass garage doors. Glass garage doors are a unique option that can show off what you've got in your garage. If you don't want your neighbors to take a peek inside, you can always get frosted or colored glass. With clear or frosted options, you'll let in plenty of natural light. If your garage doesn't have many windows, a glass garage door will brighten up the space. Glass garage doors like those in the Avante® Collection are great for modern homes.

Any style of home looks perfect with a new garage door. While a new door adds aesthetic value to your home, it can add energy efficiency as well. Just choose the right options to improve your garage.

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Garage Door Insulation

Garage Door Insulation

Your garage door is the largest entrance to your home. Every time you open it, heat escapes your garage. In the winter months, this loss can take a toll on your heating bill. Prevent that with an insulated garage door. It comes with benefits like:

  • Quieter operation
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Increased durability
  • Longer life

Even in the summer, your insulated garage door keeps your garage energy efficient. Heat won't get in as easily with an insulated door, meaning you save on cooling costs. Replace your garage door with an insulated version to save yourself repairs and excessive energy costs.

The amount of layers your new garage door has determines how well it insulates. Garage doors come in varieties such as one-, two- and three-layer options. One- and two-layer doors don't usually have insulation. Instead, what you get is a layer of the door's material — whether it's steel, wood, glass or others. Some manufacturers may offer optional polystyrene insulation with one- and two-layer doors.

Three-layer garage doors come with insulation. We use polystyrene or polyurethane insulation in our garage doors to keep your garage the perfect temperature.

The insulation thickness you need depends on how durable, sound-proof and energy efficient you want your door to be. Typically, insulation comes in a range of densities including:

  • 1 3/8"
  • 1 5/8"
  • 1 3/4"
  • 2"

Opting for thicker insulation gets you more of the benefits above. For an even more durable product, opt for polyurethane-filled doors. Whatever you choose, look for doors with a high R-value. This number shows you how energy efficient the door is. The higher the number, the better the insulation. At Garage Door Specialists, we have a selection of doors with different R-values. The best R-value you can find is 20.4. Doors with this rating will keep your garage the perfect temperature throughout any season.

For the weather in Northeast Chicago's suburbs, you'll want a well-insulated and durable new garage door. When extreme temperatures roll in, you'll be glad you chose a door with adequate insulation. Not only does an energy-efficient garage keep you safe and keep your energy costs down, but it also protects your belongings.

Anything you store in a garage needs temperature control to stay in good condition. Your car, tools, equipment and other items benefit from a controlled environment. If your garage gets too cold or too hot, you risk ending up with damaged belongings. Keep the storage space you have in your garage with a high-quality door from Garage Door Specialists.

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Get the Best Garage Door Brands at Garage Door Specialists

Garage Door Manufacturer

If you want a quality garage door that's going to stand the test of time, you need a product made by a trusted, proven garage door manufacturer. At Garage Door Specialists, we are proud to serve as your local Clopay® dealer. Clopay® is your source for durable, premium garage doors. It has a huge selection of models and options, which means you can customize your choice to meet your unique needs.

Clopay® makes sure that each garage door it produces meets the highest quality standards. When you buy a Clopay® garage door, rest assured that a great deal of time went into the design process and great attention to detail went into manufacturing.

The brand is also innovative with its services. Check out the Imagination System for a digital look at how a door would fit with the rest of your home. To use the Imagination System, first browse our selection of Clopay® products online or in our showroom. Then upload a photo of your garage and house to swap out different doors. This will help you get a better sense of how the doors you like would look on your garage. You can rest assured that you're making the right choice with a Clopay® garage door, especially once you see how great it will look on your home.

Clopay® garage doors are your best options for residential garage doors in Glenview, Buffalo Grove, Highland Park, Northbrook and the surrounding areas. You'll find a wide range of Clopay® options to choose from when you pick Garage Door Specialists as your provider.

Our Commitment to Serving Northbrook, Buffalo Grove, Glenview, Highland Park and More

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At Garage Door Specialists, we are proud of our 30-plus year history of serving homeowners with the best in residential garage doors and garage door repair services in Highland Park, Buffalo Grove, Glenview, Northbrook and nearby areas. We want to make sure you have the perfect garage door product — one that looks beautiful with your home and performs dependably for the long term.

For help exploring your residential garage door options, give us a call. You can also stop by our showroom at your leisure to see full-size versions of most of the garage doors we have available, as well as our garage door opener options. While other companies may hand you brochures to highlight what they offer, we want you to experience the look and feel of the real thing.

To get started with finding the perfect garage door for your home, contact us or request a quote today.