Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Choosing the right garage door opener is just as important as choosing the garage door itself. Take the time to research your options and make the best choice for your home. You need a garage door opener that is efficient and reliable but without sacrificing benefits like quiet operation and smart capabilities. 

Key Features in a Garage Door Opener

Before choosing your garage door opener, look for these key features.

Does the Garage Door Opener Provide Safety and Security?

We depend on our garage door openers to open and close when we need them to, but also to keep our garage and home safe and secure. Follow these tips for increased garage door opener security: 

  • Emergency release: Garage door openers have an emergency release feature so you can access your garage if you cannot open your door automatically. Although this is a necessary and useful tool, it can be accessed by more than just you. Consider locking the emergency release lever or cord by securing it with a wire or tie.
  • Stolen remote: Keep your garage door remote out of sight, even when it is locked in your car. Consider keeping it in your glove box or on a key chain, rather than clipped to your visor or stashed in your open console. If you cannot find your remote, you should turn off your automatic opener as soon as possible, in case it was stolen.
  • Automatic opener: If you are worried about unwanted entry, consider turning off your automatic opener when you go out of town or when you go to bed each night.
  • Additional security: For peace of mind and more efficient garage door opener safety, implement additional security features in your garage. For example, if your garage is attached to your home or upstairs living space, deadbolt all doors. Cover, frost or tint any windows in your garage and on your garage door so passersby cannot see what is inside. Consider investing in a home security system with motion-sensing lights and surveillance cameras near your garage. Choose a smart garage door opener, so you can control access with your smartphone when you are away from the house.

Many LiftMaster garage door openers — like the LiftMaster Premium Series 8360W — come equipped with several security features to combat common safety concerns, including:

  • Security+ 2.0™ and PosiLock®: Some garage door openers can be compromised by hackers who can skim your pre-set opening code. Security+ 2.0™ keeps code hackers at bay by emitting a new code every time the door opener is used, and PosiLock® offers electronic protection against forced entry.
  • Automatic locking capability: Some LiftMaster door openers have automatic locking capabilities, which uses a deadbolt system to keep your garage even more secure. 

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How Quiet Is the Garage Door Opener?

How Quiet Is the Garage Door Opener

Loud garage door openers can be a nuisance, especially in attached garages. Quiet garage door openers are also a necessity if you have guests or renters staying in an upstairs garage apartment.

  • Choose a quiet opener: If you want the quietest automatic garage door opener available, choose one with a belt operator, rather than a chain.
  • Lubricate metal parts: If you have a chain operated door opener, make sure you frequently lubricate any moving metal parts to minimize noise. Check your door opener user manual for further guidance, or contact your garage door servicer and schedule a routine maintenance checkup.
  • Know the noise: Familiarize yourself with your automatic garage door opener. If it is making an abnormal sound or more sound than usual, contact a repair service to take a closer look. This could be a sign that your opener needs to be repaired or replaced.

Is Smartphone Control an Option With the Garage Door Opener?

Smart garage door openers are a convenient, secure way to manage your garage. Some possible benefits of smartphone control include:

  • Mobile notifications: Enable mobile alerts so you know when your door is opened or closed, and control access while you are away from your home. Many applications keep a log of open and close times for you to review at any time. Reminder notifications can also alert you if your door is left open too long.
  • Scheduled close: Some smartphone openers allow you to schedule regular times for your garage to open and close automatically for ease-of-use.
  • Home connectivity and digital assistants: Sync your smart garage door opener with your digital assistant for complete home connectivity and hands-free capabilities.
  • In garage delivery: Some smart openers — including the LiftMaster WLED — offer in-garage package delivery using an application for Amazon Prime members called Key by Amazon.

Is There a Battery Backup System in Case the Power Goes Out?

If your power goes out due to a storm, planned outage, damaged power lines or emergency, it is essential that you have a way to open and close your garage door. Look for a garage door opener type with a battery backup system, so you have full access no matter what. The best part is that most battery backup systems are usually very easy to set up and operate and are crafted to last a long time.

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The Difference Between a Belt and a Chain Garage Door Opener

Most residential garage door openers operate using either a belt or chain system. While both systems are designed to be durable, you might prefer one over the other, depending on which features you are interested in.

  • Chain door openers: Metal chain door openers are dependable, affordable and strong enough to lift heavy double garage doors with ease. Chain doors do, however, require frequent, ongoing maintenance — including lubrication — and operation is far louder than belt openers.
  • Belt drive door openers: Although they require a more significant initial investment, belt door openers are far quieter than their chain counterparts. Belt openers also run slightly quicker and more smoothly than chains, and require no lubrication.

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