5 Tips for a Quieter, More Soundproof Garage

5 Tips for a Quieter, More Soundproof Garage

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For many homeowners, their garage is a sanctuary. Whether you are a full-time carpenter, a hobbyist craftsman or you simply like to practice music in your free time, a garage is a perfect workshop to fine-tune your skills. Of course, popular garage pursuits — from machinery to music — are known for hitting a loud decibel.

If you’re wondering how do you make your garage quieter, these seven tips will help you soundproof your structure without requiring any major construction or investment.

5 Ways to Soundproof Your Garage

Looking to find some zen without breaking the bank? Let’s explore the cheapest ways to soundproof a room from top to bottom. As many homeowners discover, the key to a quiet garage is being thorough. From the walls and floor to your windows and doors, don’t miss a detail when it comes to soundproofing. 

1. Soundproof All Windows

Many people think about the walls when tackling how to soundproof a garage. The windows offer another opportunity for noise to come through. If you are willing to give up the view — and natural light — bricking your window is a cost-effective option that won’t take too long. 

2. Add Drywall

Adding drywall to your garage is an efficient way to thicken your walls and keep your space quiet. Drywall will provide an extra barrier between your garage and your home or outside spaces, keeping noise from escaping. Drywall is relatively simple to install, although we recommend calling in the professionals to ensure the construction is completed properly. 

3. Cover the Floor With Rubber Mats

Rubber is an excellent material for absorbing sound. It minimizes vibrations and keeps noise from bouncing. To make the most of this material, purchase thick rubber mats and cover your floor thoroughly. This easy, efficient step will help you soundproof your garage without the need for any construction projects.

If the volume in your garage comes from operating loud machinery, you might also consider adding rubber wheels to your machines. This addition will keep your machine from vibrating loudly against the floor.

4. Add Window Inserts

If you opted to keep your view and decided covering your windows with bricks isn’t an optimal choice, window inserts offer an effective alternative. Window inserts are a removable additional layer of glass that provides an air gap. This gap helps to trap the noise entering and exiting a garage, minimizing your noise levels. As an added bonus, window inserts are easy to move if they become unnecessary.

5. Use Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are soft, thick, durable pieces of fabric often used to protect items during transportation. They’re also a great tool for soundproofing doors and walls. Thanks to their thickness, moving blankets trap and absorb sound, keeping it from escaping from your garage. Simply layer moving blankets wherever needed to help deaden the noise in a quick, cost-effective way.

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