I was very pleased. My garage door is old & unusual – the original (1920’s) wood door slides sideways to open. Prior to my purchasing the condo, an automatic door opener was installed. It was an amateurish application of a typical overhead door assembly to my sideway-opening situation. It frequently wouldn’t close properly without my standing beside the moving door and nudging it past the door framing. If I didn’t do this, it usually would hit the framing and automatically re-open. I hadn’t had it serviced for years and it had degraded to this sort of functioning.

Since it was unusual, the technician didn’t think he could do too much to make it operate perfectly, but he cleaned and lubed and adjusted as he would for a traditional garage door. That was a year and a half or two years ago and it has worked well ever since, without any nudging on my part.

The technician was on time, pleasant, and helpful even though my situation was atypical. And the result exceeded my expectations.


We are glad to help with garage door repairs for folks in need. Our emphasis right now is to assist the elderly, first responders and disabled folks who can't get their cars out of the garage.

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