We ordered an entry door & a garage door that could match as closely as possible.The garage door was a Clopay Gallery collection with ultra grain finish. The top to be long Clayton designer glass with extra heavy duty track, springs & hardware. We also included heavy duty quiet belt drive operator with 2 remotes & safety reverse system. We also had installed extra brown weather seal screwed into entry door from garage into the home.

The Clopay thermal entry door conversion moved the existing double doors, frame, jambs etc & reworked the opening to accommodate the new single door with 2 side lites. They reframed as needed for optimal installation.

Garage Door Specialists then installed the Clopay Clayton textured fiberglass entry door (design Fo6051 oak textured finish) with 2 FOS581 oak side lites, jambs etc & almond finish on interior side of door & trim molding. We selected a Barcelone lock set with knob & peephole aged bronze finish which they installed.

Our ancient entry door and garage door needed replacing. Not that they were not working, but both doors were on medicare. The garage door opened with a noise that let me know my wife was home. The front door was an old fashioned solid double door that was ready for the Smithsonian. Why not we thought, let’s look on Angie’s list. We found a number of companies and went, that day, to Garage Door Specialists in Wheeling. Robert Greenberg met with us and made excellent suggestions to update our old fashioned, very dark, minimum prison look. We were considering replacing the double solid entry door with a like model. Robert said he could do that if we wished and then showed us some designs that made us wonder why we waited so long. The new designs looked so much better and let light into the foyer.

Robert suggested that he would come to our house that day which he did. He gave us some additional ideas about color tones and door styles and measured the area so that he could give us a quote when we decided which doors we wanted. We went back in a few days to look at the styles again. After we received the quote we decided to give him a deposit.

In a short time we received a call that the garage door was delivered. We set up a date for them to install it. The installers showed up promptly. The installation went smoothly and in about a half day the job was finished. Very nice installers and nice experience for us. They cleaned up everything and took all away including the old door & old mechanical works. Robert did come over during the installation which was nice to see.

A number of days later they called that the entry door was here. An install appointment was set. The installers came here promptly and during the installation the installers noticed a small damage to the new door. Robert did come over immediately. He explained that he would send the door back to the factory as we had purchased a perfect door and that is what we should get. I never would have noticed the damage to the door. I thought that was commendable that he handled his business in that way. It did take a while for the factory to do the small repair and get it back to us for installation. But, thanks to the installers & Robert it all got taken care of in the proper manner. The entry door did get installed and as before everything was cleaned up and all debris and the old door was removed.

Since the new doors have been installed, we’ve had neighbors and friends compliment us, and say that the new doors completely change the appearance of our house, both inside and out. They’re right. Our experience with Robert Greenberg’s company, Garage Door Specialists, Inc., his installers, and his office would make us highly recommend them for any work needed.