We had an older garage door that semi-collapsed on a Friday morning. It was an old, heavy 2-car garage door that had collapsed on one side and was hanging dangerously. Rob and Mike came out that afternoon, and were able to temporarily put the door back in place as a temporary fix. Rob then explained that the door and opener (and related hardware) were all very old, and we would be better off replacing it instead of just trying to fix it. Rob gave me some literature and pricing and took the time to go over the options with me. We ended up purchasing a new garage door and a new opener. Mike came out to put the new one in, and did a great job even though there were some difficulties that made it a tricky installation. He also took the time to explain all the features of the new opener (how to lock it when we were on vacation, how to program and use the keypad, etc). The new door looks great and is much quieter than the old one. Rob and Mike were both very knowledgeable and professional and were a pleasure to work with.


We are glad to help with garage door repairs for folks in need. Our emphasis right now is to assist the elderly, first responders and disabled folks who can't get their cars out of the garage.

- We are following very strict COVID-19 Protocols for everyone's protection and wellbeing