How to Store Summer Tools and Accessories in Your Garage

How to Store Summer Tools and Accessories in Your Garage

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In the summertime, when you may be spending more time outdoors, having your tools and accessories correctly stored and organized ensures you can always find your gardening equipment, mower and other tools when you need them. Proper organization can also keep your belongings free from rust and damage.

At Garage Door Specialists, we know a lot about garage doors. We’ve been installing and repairing them for years, and we understand how important the function of the garage is to the home. That’s why our professionals have put together some best practices on how to organize the garage so you can maximize your space and find what you need quickly. Try out these garage organization tips for the summer and make the most of those sunny days.

5 Tips on How to Organize Your Garage for the Summer

If you’re wondering how to organize yard tools in the garage or use your space more effectively, Garage Door Specialists offers these five tips:

1. Declutter

Before you start wondering how to store tools in the garage, make sure your space is home only to what needs to be in there. Many garages become catch-all areas, so it’s wise to perform a careful cleaning before you organize. Toss out damaged and unused accessories and tools, then remove propane, paint and anything else that doesn’t belong in your garage.

2. Move Tools off the Ground

Tools left on the ground can rust or suffer damage, while garden shears and other accessories with sharp edges can cause injury. Create a workshop area or house your tools in storage containers. Containers with locking lids can be handy for shears and other sharp implements, especially in homes with younger children.

3. Think Visible and Vertical

For larger tools such as rakes, consider hanging them from a hook to keep them dry, visible and accessible. You may also want to hang oft-used tools such as hammers to make them easy to grab and return to their rightful place.

4. Group Like Tools Together

You’ll likely need multiple tools for certain household tasks, so group the items you need together. For example, consider making a workshop area for general tools and placing lawn care equipment in a separate space. This step makes it easier to track down what you need when you need it.

5. Make Sure Your Garage Door Is Working Correctly

If you keep tools and accessories in your garage, a solid garage door is your best defense against theft and damage. A quality garage door also provides you with easy access to your home while discouraging any would-be intruders.

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