How to Spring-Clean Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps

How to Spring-Clean Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps

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Warmer months are just around the corner, which means it’s time for spring-cleaning! You may think of your home, yard or other spaces before your garage, but this area is a great starting place for your efforts. Clutter can build up over the months, making it time-consuming and even dangerous to find the things you need.

Follow this garage-cleaning checklist to get your garage ready for summer. 

1. Declutter

Start by going through your garage and throwing away any trash or items you know you no longer need. If you find things that belong in your home or can be outside in the spring, put them in their correct places. You can plan for decluttering your entire garage at once or completing it in sections. 

The next part of cleaning and organizing your garage is to take everything out and go through it. Move everything to an open space outside so that you have room to unbox items. Separate everything into keep, sell and toss piles. Leave no box untouched.

2. Wipe Down

How often is your garage completely empty? Use this opportunity to clean your garage’s interior. Dust any horizontal surfaces and wipe them down with a solution of mild soap and water. Scrub the walls if needed and neutralize mold spots with bleach and water. Is there dirt and dust all over the inside of your garage door? Wipe it down and make sure the door track is clear of debris. 

3. Sweep and Mop

Once you’ve eliminated the dirt and dust from your garage, you’re ready to sweep and mop the floors. You may need to take the mop to the walls as well.

4. Organize

While the garage is drying, trash the items in the toss pile, move the things to sell to a separate space, and organize everything you want to keep. When you put everything back, keep the stuff you use most often in convenient places for quick access. The tools and supplies you need frequently should be easy to find and reach. Secure anything you’re storing outside correctly in boxes or totes.

Once your garage is dry, start moving everything back in. Organize everything in a way that makes sense to you, as you’ll be the one trying to navigate through it all.

5. Check the Garage Door

Now that your garage is clean and organized, consider one more thing before moving on to the next space. Spring-cleaning your garage is the perfect time to do a quick check-up on your garage door. Ask yourself these questions to gauge your overhead door’s condition: 

  • Does it open and close smoothly? 
  • Are there loose or damaged components? 
  • Does the garage door stop closing if you wave something in front of the sensor while the door moves? 
  • Is there any corrosion or rust? 
  • Does your garage door need lubrication? 

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