How to Choose Between a Large Double Door Garage or Two Single Doors

How to Choose Between a Large Double Door Garage or Two Single Doors

Despite their similar functionality, double door garages and two single door garages have very different benefits. Depending on the architecture of your home, the door’s intended functionality and the vehicles you drive, the answer to which is the better choice will vary. We’ve compiled some of the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make a decision.

Advantages of a Double Garage Door

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If you have vehicles larger than the average car or are looking for a place to store more than two vehicles, the double garage door size is the right choice for you. The typical double door garage size is at least 16 feet wide. A double garage door fits more unconventionally sized vehicles into your garage, such as RVs, boats and small trucks.

Having one large door means you will pay less in installation, maintenance and repairs than you would over time with two separate garage doors. If you want the ease and accessibility of only one garage door and the ability to park vehicles of any size, choose a double garage door. 

Advantages of Two Single Garage Doors

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For those who have a street-facing garage door, two single garage doors may be an attractive aesthetic choice. The large, undivided space that’s taken up by a wide double door can distract from your house’s architectural profile. For this reason, single garage doors are often recommended for street-facing garages. Double doors may be more suitable for garages on the side or in the back of a home. 

In addition to their aesthetic advantages, there are many practical advantages to having two separate garage doors. If one garage door ever comes ajar or gets stuck on the tracks, you will still be able to remove your vehicles from the garage using the second door. Having two garage doors can also save you on heating and cooling costs. Opening one smaller door releases a lot less air than opening a large double door.

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What’s the Best Choice?

Whether a double door or two single garage doors is the better fit for you depends on your home and what you want from your garage. If you want more parking space, less garage door maintenance and more space for unconventionally sized vehicles, consider a double garage door. If you want a lower profile, lower garage heating costs and a backup door to use if one stops working, consider installing two single garage doors. Your aesthetic preferences might play a role in your decision, too.

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