How to Choose Your Garage Door Hardware

How to Choose Your Garage Door Hardware

You may not give them much thought, but your garage doors represent a significant portion of your home’s exterior. As with other elements of your home, you can customize them to complement your unique style. Update your garage door ornamental hardware to beautify your door’s appearance and express your personality. 

The Importance of Garage Door Hardware

The right hardware transforms your garage door’s appearance. Whether you install a new residential overhead door or update an older one, adding garage door decorative hardware boosts your home’s curb appeal. The resulting value can attract higher offers when it’s time to sell or create a welcoming look to come home to each day.

Overhead doors also need a manual opening mechanism — decorative hardware solves the challenge in an aesthetically pleasing way.

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Hardware

When considering your hardware options, keep these three tips in mind.

1. Follow the Principles of Good Design

Proportion and scale are essential to creating a harmonious design. Maintain those elements by choosing decorative garage door hardware that’s the right size for your door. That way, you accentuate architectural details instead of creating an unbalanced look.

2. Add the Right Amount of Hardware

Ornamental hardware for your garage door is an affordable way to add flair, but be mindful of overdoing it. Adding too much hardware can overwhelm the door and distract from your home’s overall appeal. Similarly, using too little hardware on a door produces less impact and looks equally out of place.

3. Be Consistent

The decorative elements you add should sync with the architectural style of your door and home. For example, hardware for a carriage-door garage often includes strap hinges and handles or pull rings that mimic a swinging door. These elements may look out of place on a modern-style door and home. 

Once you’ve selected the perfect design, contact a local garage door expert for precision installation.

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