How to Adjust Garage Door Springs and Tracks

Springs and tracks play a crucial role in efficient, safe door operation. Springs make the door easier to open and close by counterbalancing its weight. The tracks on either side of the door serve as lanes that allow it to move upward and downward via rollers. 

Garage door springs and tracks require regular maintenance and adjustments to keep them in peak condition and ensure safe operation. If your garage door is not level when closed, there may be a spring or track issue.

How to Adjust Garage Door Springs

Your garage door will have either torsion or extension springs. A torsion spring is a one-piece mechanism located in the middle and directly above the opening, while extension springs come in pairs, with one on either side of the door. 

Before making a torsion spring adjustment, you’ll need to determine if there is too much or too little tension. To test the tension, close the door and detach it from the opener by pulling the emergency release cord. Raise the door by hand. If it rises on its own, there is too much tension in the springs. If the door begins to drop, you’ll need to tighten the springs.

Warning: Torsion springs are the most dangerous component of your garage door! They can cause significant bodily harm & injury if not adjusted properly. If you do not have experience with torsion springs, please STOP & call us for a service call. Our technicians are fully trained & experienced in all facets of garage door repairs. They will happily adjust or replace your springs safely.

The steps for adjusting a torsion spring include:

  • With the door resting on the garage floor, use a wrench to loosen the two screws at the end of the spring.
  • To increase the tension, place a winding bar into one of the four winding holes and apply sufficient pressure to twist the bar clockwise at a one-quarter turn. Test the door and repeat the process if necessary.
  • If you need to decrease the tension, rotate the winding bar in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Retighten the screws after completing the garage door adjustment.

You can adjust extension springs in one of two ways:

  1. Relocate the S hook at the end of the spring to a different hole in the track.
  2. Tighten the nut on the eye bolt, typically located on the vertical brace that attaches the track to the ceiling.

How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

If you need to make changes to one or both tracks, begin by loosening the screws that attach the track to the door frame. Adjust the position using a rubber mallet to tap the bottom of the track. Complete the process by tightening the screws. 

technician adjusting garage door track

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