A Parent’s Guide to Childproofing Your Garage

A Parent’s Guide to Childproofing Your Garage

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For young children, the garage can be the most dangerous part of your house. Between heavy equipment and poisonous chemicals, it’s important to properly childproof your garage before allowing kids inside. By maintaining your garage door and childproofing the space, you can significantly minimize your garage’s dangers.

How to Childproof a Garage Door

From a young age, tell your children that the garage is not an appropriate place to play and cannot be entered without an adult present. Children may think that features like automatic garage door openers are toys because of their buttons, so be sure to tell them that these features are only allowed to be used by an adult. The most effective garage door safety method is to keep it locked and make sure children understand the door is never a toy. 

To prevent accidents around the door, make a habit of frequently testing your garage doors. Each garage door should have a photoelectric sensor that stops the door from closing if it detects an object under it. Using a durable object, test whether the sensor still accurately detects obstructions and stops the door. Testing your doors frequently will keep your garage door from malfunctioning. 

Garage door openers should be kept out of the reach of children and located at a level where only adults can reach them. If possible, opt for a childproof garage door opener that requires a passcode before operating. That way, children can’t play with the remote even if they try. 

Childproofing the Rest of Your Garage

Once the most dangerous part of the garage has been childproofed, you can improve the safety of the rest of the space. Get into the habit of keeping the garage locked at all times, and make sure never to leave the car doors unlocked with your keys still inside. Garages are usually isolated from the rest of the house, making it difficult to hear if a child sneaks in and locks themselves in the room or car. 

Aside from heavy equipment, chemicals and fuels are the most dangerous objects found in your garage. Keep all chemicals tightly capped and kept in an elevated area so that children cannot reach them. Never store chemicals or dangerous objects like screws in food jars or tins, as children could mistake them for something edible.

If you use your garage as storage, make sure your storage solutions aren’t dangerously tall. Boxes and bins can hurt someone if they fall. Keeping stacks of storage containers low is especially important when babyproofing your garage. Consider securing your plastic bins to the wall using bungee cords or installing a shelving system.

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