Can You Install a New Garage Door on Old Tracks?

Can You Install a New Garage Door on Old Tracks?

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When you replace your old garage door, there are several reasons why you should avoid reusing old tracks. While you might think it will be a cost-saving advantage, putting a new garage door on old tracks can be a safety hazard. Everything about your new door, including the brand appearance, weight and style, influences why you need new tracks.

Replacing your garage door provides many advantages to your home. Instead of risking damage or exposure to safety issues, discover the importance of installing new tracks made for your door.

Each Garage Door Has Its Own Parts

Every garage door is unique. Your new one likely has different specifications and parts than those that came with your old door. If you try to attach the new door to an old track, it is likely the parts won’t align, and damage could occur. 

For example, all garage doors have offsets or track spacing set by the factory. Your old tracks probably will not match this preset spacing, resulting in the door operating incorrectly. When you use old parts that don’t fit the new door, you increase the risk of safety hazards, structural damage and more.

Using Old Tracks Can Be Dangerous

Keeping your old tracks might do more than be an inconvenience when they don’t fit with your new door. Garage door tracks face wear and tear over time. As the years go by, they can accumulate everything from dirt to oil. This build-up can cause your new doors to stop working, and it can result in collapse if left unchecked.

If your garage door opener malfunctions, then the door could potentially come off the track and harm someone or damage your property. Worn-out garage door track systems could lead to problems that cause structural damage to your garage and your home if it is attached.

Hire a Professional for Garage Door Track Replacement

Eliminate the risks of an incorrect installation by hiring professionals like Garage Door Specialists. With the risk of injury and damage to your home, vehicles and other property, it’s essential to work with a trained technician. Professionals can efficiently replace garage door tracks with a new set that works well and keeps you safe.

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