Why Does My Garage Door Keep Opening After Closing?

One of the most common service calls received by the professionals at Garage Door Specialists, Inc. is from property owners whose doors keep opening after closing. In some cases, the door opens as a safety feature because there is something in the way — but what can you do if there is no object in the way causing the door to close and then open? A garage door that closes then opens is a serious concern. It can take up time as you try to solve the problem and it can be inconvenient as well as a security concern. Reasons […]

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How to Disengage and Reengage Your Garage Door

Jump to: How to Disengage Your Garage Door How to Re-engage Your Garage Door Imagine this — you’re running late to work one morning. You race out to the garage, coffee in one hand and briefcase in the other. In spite of everything in your hands, you manage to reach up and press your garage door opener. Nothing happens. You try again. Still nothing. At this point, panic sets in. You’re already late, and now you have no idea how you’re going to get your vehicle out of the garage and onto the street. You need to figure out how […]

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10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’ve spent even five minutes watching home improvement shows, then you already know that a home’s appearance or its curb appeal is a big deal. Some estimates suggest that homeowners can receive a return on investment of well over 150 percent when they put money into their home’s curb appeal, although it’s hard to put an exact number on it because curb appeal can be somewhat subjective. Check out the topics this article will cover: 10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value What is Curb Appeal? Why is it Important? Increase Your Property Value with a New Garage Door […]

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6 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Garage for Summer

The weather is getting warmer, people are coming out of hibernation and the world is coming alive after its long winter sleep. That can only mean one thing: Summertime!  You and your family have a million and one things to do to prepare for everyone’s favorite season. But something you might not have thought about is preparing your garage for those hot summer months. When your garage is working perfectly, it fades into the background like a dependable friend. But making sure it stays reliable may require a little extra care. Check out these easy ways to prepare your garage […]

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