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Chicago's Garage Door Service & Repair Experts

Our highly trained and professional staff offers complete installation & repair services whenever you need us. With company philosophies of “getting it right the first time….every time” and “Your family’s safety is our #1 goal”, you can be assured of the highest quality standards.

We are proud to install garage doors, openers, garage storage organizing solutions, garage cabinetry as well as a full line of durable & long lasting polyaspartic flooring…to create the ultimate garage! Our wide array of garage doors include steel, wood, aluminum and glass, fiberglass and much more. A complete line of unique and custom garage doors are also available.

If desired, we also offer ultra high quality entry doors to coordinate with your new garage door.

Our service trucks are stocked with a complete array of parts to accommodate almost all makes & models of garage doors & openers. We also offer complete DIY (do it yourself) lines of doors, openers and accessories.

We sell the best…and repair the rest!

The parts department can also ship most items nationwide the same day!




Caring for Your New Garage Door and Opener

Congratulations on purchasing your new garage door and/or opener. You have chosen wisely and with proper care you will have years of trouble-free use. To help keep your new investment working properly, here are a few tips!

Maintenance. Like all things mechanical, a garage door & opener need a bit of maintenance from time to time. On a monthly basis, the door & opener should be visually inspected. Any broken or loose hinges, rollers, cables, track, chains or springs should be immediately serviced or replaced by a trained service technician to avoid injury. If all looks good, a spray lubricant (automotive grade) should be sprayed on springs, tracks, hinges & chain. Do not use grease, but a spray lubricant. Lubrication should be done 2-4 times a year.

Door Balance. With the door closed, pull operator release cord & raise door to full open position. If door drops or won’t stay open, the springs may need to be balanced. An authorized technician should only do this. Do not attempt to adjust springs yourself. They are very dangerous & can injure a non-qualified person.

Operator Safety. Since January 1, 1993, all electric operators must have safety reverse systems to prevent entrapment under door. Normally, the “safety sensors” or “photo eyes” are mounted by the door tracks just above ground level. Sensors should never be blocked & must be kept clean and in alignment. If not, the door will reverse to open position when closing. Keep area near door tracks free from lumber, shovels, brooms, rakes, etc to avoid problems.

Monthly, the “safety sensors” should be checked, wiped off & aligned if needed. If the door does not reverse when beam from the eyes is broken, a technician may be needed to repair or replace safety sensors. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to keep them clean, in alignment and free from blocking obstacles.

Force settings should be checked twice a year minimum. From open position, close door with remote or wall control. As the door closes “hold up” the door bottom with your hand giving it resistance. If the door does not ultimately reverse, the force settings should be adjusted. Refer to your manual for instructions. Once again, keep your operator clean & well lubricated for optimum performance.

Tune-Ups. Even with some minor & easy items as described above, your new garage door system will still need tune-up type maintenance on a sporadic basis. Some folks call for annual, 18 months or 24 month maintenance tune-ups. The frequency is up to you, but the less “you” do to maintain the door, the more you should have professionals keep it up.

A professional tune-up will cover 20-30 point inspection, adjustments, balance tests, safety tests and system lubrication. This is a key step in avoiding long-term damage to your system.

Your family’s safety is our first priority. By keeping your garage door system running properly and maintained, you will keep the system safe. With a little care & a lot of respect for the biggest “moving wall” in your home, you will enjoy years & years of safe operation.

We are happy to answer questions if you have them. If you are not the hands on type to maintain your system, we have scheduled maintenance programs & reminders we can offer for your convenience as well.

Thank you again for your trust and your business!